Release the Kraken

This is brutality in a tiny package. This amp delivers stellar classic rock tones on Channel 1 and excels at high gain down tuned guitars on Channel 2 (with or without a boost). While there is no clean channel, with lower gain and rolling your volume knob back you can get some awesome lightly broke up cleans. This pack contains more than 80 captures (including 15 DI captures) across various settings, cab styles, mic’s and pedals.

Sample tones/free presets:

Kraken Ch1 7+Koko Mars Brown

Kraken Ch 2 6 G12M Zilla V2

Kraken I 8 G12M KSM32 ZIlla

Kraken I 8 G12M KSM32 ZIlla

Kraken Ch 1 Gn 5 Mars AHW 67/160

More clips and videos coming soon!

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