Traditional Clean released for ToneX and NAM!

If you are looking for that John Mayer tone, look no further, this amp has it in spades. It’s a wonderful, round, squishy amp that delivers great cleans or works as a fantastic pedal platform. I have many captures (over 70 DI and Full Rig) of the amp by itself, as well as boosts and overdrives to deliver all the cleans or blues/lead tones you could want.

I know everyone’s been hitting me up for this one, and I fought through a lot of computer and audio interface challenges to finish this (better late than never)!

2Rock Trad Clean Mayer Vol 6

Sound Clips:


City Love

More clips and videos coming soon!

For a limited time if you purchase this pack or the NAM pack, send an email and we will send the other version for free! Note, many of the captures are the same, however, due to a hardware/computer issues the captures were not made at the same time so there could be differences (also there are also slightly more captures in the NAM V1 version). As always, if additional captures are made in the future, they will be sent out free of charge.

Check out a user’s Youtube video (note, he was using the ToneX pedal which out of the box has an extra 8db boost vs the Software version so the clips are hotter than the default captures)



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