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Core Tone Captures

70's Silver Prince (NAM)

70's Silver Prince (NAM)

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This was my first amp, and i've never parted with it. It's a 70's Silverface beauty (at least in sound) that can deliver bright spanky cleans and sounds great with a variety of pedals with low to medium gain. The pack contains full rig and direct captures (No Cabinet). I love this amp and i think you will too, download today!!


DI Capture:  36

Amp/Cab Captures: 128

  • Fender Princeton 1x10 (Jenson and a Fat Jimmy)
  • Divided by 13 2x12 (Alnico Blue/Greenback)
  • Zilla 2x12 (UK Greenback and G12H30 55Hz)


All captures done at 500 epochs


Clips and videos coming soon!


* You need the free Neural Amp Modeler software (or other compatible players, such as Two Notes Genome) to play these captures!

** All amp brands are trademarked and are in no way affiliated with Core Tone Captures

*** Note this is a digital product and there is no refunds, please reach out if you have any issues.

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