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Core Tone Captures

Doctor Maz (NAM)

Doctor Maz (NAM)

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This pack includes 85 captures based on a Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr Non-Reverb amplifier, capable of delivering fantastic clean, edge-of-breakup, and even higher gain tones when pushed to the limit. It serves as an excellent pedal platform, a feature I heavily utilized in this pack. Whether you prefer using your own pedals and relying on our core tone or taking advantage of the numerous boosted captures, you'll undoubtedly appreciate the versatility this pack offers. The amp features master and volume knobs, as well as Lo and Hi inputs, producing a wide array of sounds that go beyond what one might expect from a single-channel amplifier (from spanky cleans to  high gain British tones).

DI Capture:  41

Amp/Cab Captures: 116


All captures done at 500 epochs


Clips and videos coming soon!


* You need the free Neural Amp Modeler software (or other compatible players, such as Two Notes Genome) to play these captures!

** All amp brands are trademarked and are in no way affiliated with Core Tone Captures

*** Note this is a digital product and there is no refunds, please reach out if you have any issues.

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