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Core Tone Captures

Div37 Full Tone Rock

Div37 Full Tone Rock

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The Divided by 13 FTR37 is perhaps the most versatile amplifier I own, delivering Fender-like cleans, subtle breakup, and even rock to fuzz-like distortion tones. This pack includes DI captures (22) and Amp/Cab Capture (70) across various settings, pedals, microphones, and cabinets, offering you an extensive range of options. The amp features Hi-Lo inputs for both the main and 'Click' channels, creating a diverse array of sounds that exceed expectations, especially when paired with the Divided by 13 Switchazel A/B pedal. For optimal results, we recommend trying these captures with your software and/or ToneX Pedal's input trim set at 0dB.

Sample tones/free presets:

/13FTR37 Clk3 In4 6 Jenson

/13FTR37 In1 4+Klon Prince 67/16

Divided by 13 FTR37

Div by 13 FTR37 A+B 1x10

More clips and videos coming soon!

* You need IK Multimedia's ToneX software or pedal to be able to play these captures!

** All amp brands are trademarked and are in no way affiliated with Core Tone Captures

*** Note this is a digital product and there is no refunds, please reach out if you have any issues.

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