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Core Tone Captures

FMAN 100 Deluxe

FMAN 100 Deluxe

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This pack is based on the highly versatile Friedman BE 100 Deluxe. Enjoy 100+ captures spanning different settings, switches, microphones, and cabinets, offering a wide range of options from clean tones to classic rock and even metal. It includes numerous DI (33) and Amp + CAB (68) captures to fulfill your live and studio requirements. For optimal results, we recommend trying these captures with your software and/or ToneX Pedal's input trim set at 0dB.

Sample tones/free presets:
BE100 Dlx Dave's settings
BE100 Dlx HBE 8 80's Metal CB
BE100 Dlx BE Ch
BE100 Dlx BE Ch Zilla

* You need IK Multimedia's ToneX software or pedal to be able to play these captures!
** All amp brands are trademarked and are in no way affiliated with Core Tone Captures
*** Note this is a digital product and there is no refunds, please reach out if you have any issues.
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