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P.V. Triple X

P.V. Triple X

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Check out these Direct (14) and Full Rig (31) captures based on an original Peavey Triple XXX 120w head! Before the Peavey 6505 came this high gain monster, bringing all the metal and 80's rock tones (this was rumored to have been the George Lynch signature model but they couldn't get the deal done).  From it's "classy" trucker good looks to it's over the top gain, this is a classic metal machine, with surprisingly good 80's clean tones!


For optimal results, we recommend trying these captures with your audio interface at a proper DI/Hi Z (-14 to -6db range) and the ToneX software input trim at 0db (and let your guitar do the magic) or ToneX Pedal's input trim set between -2db to 0dB (adjust to taste).  For questions, check the FAQ or send us an email!

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