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Core Tone Captures

Super Lead 67

Super Lead 67

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This is a fantastic representation of a modern Plexi style amplifier. Supreme build quality and can still deliver the tones. Get your cleans, AC/DC and Van Halen sounds all in one place. This amp also comes with a built in Variac! The Super Lead 67 pack contains Direct (17) and Amp+Cab (31) captures across various settings and includes a few pedals (standalone or boost).

Sample tones/free presets:

SL67 InI Breakup Suhr SM7B

SL67 Clean Jumped KSM32/57

SL67 Van Halen Variac Creambacks

More clips and videos coming soon!


* You need IK Multimedia's ToneX software or pedal to be able to play these captures!

** All amp brands are trademarked and are in no way affiliated with Core Tone Captures

*** Note this is a digital product and there is no refunds, please reach out if you have any issues.

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